H. G.

| 29.06.2024 14:34 | (Büyükada Yörükali Plajı)

Thanks to the opportunity, I bought the beach entrance, which is normally more expensive, at a cheaper price. It would be much better if it could be a little more discounted.


M. İ.

| 27.06.2024 01:25 | (Büyükada Yörükali Plajı)

Always very good, beach very clean, staff always helpful, I recommend it


D. B.

| 20.06.2024 16:02 | (Büyükada Yörükali Plajı)

I went for the first time and was pleased. In general, the population was quite affordable and restaurant prices were at market standards. I'm thinking of going again.


A. Y.

| 20.06.2024 14:18 | (Büyükada Yörükali Plajı)

Very very good ❤️ glad to have you


İ. P.

| 05.10.2023 18:18 | (Büyükada Yörükali Plajı)

All the promises made in the definition were kept. Facilities included. A clean beach.


A. F.

| 28.09.2023 23:21 | (Büyükada Yörükali Plajı)

It could be much better organized. The number of sun loungers and umbrellas should be reduced; should be positioned less frequently. The cafe's food must have much better quality products for this price.


A. B.

| 28.09.2023 10:14 | (Büyükada Yörükali Plajı)

Hello, we are 2 families, we went to the beach with 2 children aged 4, it was tidier and cleaner than years ago, the children had a lot of fun, and when they are happy, the mothers are also happy.


M. G.

| 27.09.2023 10:05 | (Büyükada Yörükali Plajı)

The beach is beautiful, it was a place I went to regularly, from now on I will be going with a discounted ticket, thanks to you.


K. D.

| 26.09.2023 13:27 | (Büyükada Yörükali Plajı)

Great campaign and great facility. The employees are very helpful. A reliable facility


Ş. Ç.

| 12.09.2023 12:46 | (Büyükada Yörükali Plajı)

Whenever I go to Yörük Ali, I get a discount coupon from you and I am very satisfied. We have closed this season. See you next year.

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