E. T.

| 31.01.2024 14:04 | (Emaar Akvaryum İstanbul)

We quickly entered by showing the message on the phone without waiting in line.


A. M.

| 29.01.2024 11:41 | (Emaar Akvaryum İstanbul)

Practical, affordable price. It was very helpful. Thanks


H. D.

| 29.01.2024 11:23 | (Emaar Akvaryum İstanbul)

It was very nice, I had no problem logging in, I thank firsat.me very much... it is a facilitating application.


K. B.

| 29.01.2024 10:55 | (Emaar Akvaryum İstanbul)

Thank you very much indeed. It was a great campaign


Ş. G.

| 27.01.2024 21:27 | (Emaar Akvaryum İstanbul)

We had no problems at the entrance, we went as a family and my 2.5 year old son's happiness was priceless. I would recommend it to everyone


K. E.

| 25.01.2024 17:14 | (Emaar Akvaryum İstanbul)

It was very nice, we checked in without any problems, we had a lot of fun, the kids loved it.


M. T.

| 23.01.2024 14:31 | (Emaar Akvaryum İstanbul)

We bought tickets at a very low price, we had no questions, now we bought a new event and from now on we will buy all events from here :)


G. H.

| 21.01.2024 10:27 | (Emaar Akvaryum İstanbul)

Quick, easy, very nice


U. U.

| 17.01.2024 09:23 | (Emaar Akvaryum İstanbul)

The transaction was easy and fast, there was no problem at the box office, thank you.


M. C.

| 25.11.2023 20:29 | (Emaar Akvaryum İstanbul)

Very good, in order to have fun you normally have to buy tickets by paying absurdly high amounts. Thanks to you, we benefit from at least some discount.

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