O. Y.

| 14.04.2024 00:59 | (Florya İstanbul Akvaryum)

We had no problems


M. T.

| 13.04.2024 21:53 | (Florya İstanbul Akvaryum)

We had a very enjoyable day with my daughter. All you have to do is say your phone number when you log in. Thanks to Fırsat.me, we were able to buy more affordable entrance tickets. I would recommend it to everyone.


S. Ü.

| 13.04.2024 18:59 | (Florya İstanbul Akvaryum)

I bought the tickets while entering the shopping mall. Within 5 minutes, I called the phone number and my daughter and I entered. It was crowded due to the holiday, there were many different creatures, we stayed inside with my daughter for more than 1 hour, it was very enjoyable, thank you to everyone who contributed.


Y. A.

| 13.04.2024 16:51 | (Florya İstanbul Akvaryum)

reliable discount.


P. Ö.

| 12.04.2024 22:52 | (Florya İstanbul Akvaryum)

I used the code immediately and had no problems. There is no need to spend too much money for nothing.


Y. G.

| 12.04.2024 21:02 | (Florya İstanbul Akvaryum)

We were able to complete our transaction quickly without having to use the phone, and we also had a more affordable visit.


F. B.

| 12.04.2024 18:44 | (Florya İstanbul Akvaryum)

Thanks for the discounted tickets.


A. A.

| 12.04.2024 12:10 | (Florya İstanbul Akvaryum)

The campaigns are very good.


M. C.

| 12.04.2024 11:49 | (Florya İstanbul Akvaryum)

It was very nice, my children were happy, thank you


T. A.

| 11.04.2024 20:50 | (Florya İstanbul Akvaryum)

I recommend a successful application

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