N. K.

| 15.04.2024 23:59 | (Park Of İstanbul, Poi)

I bought our tickets without leaving home and we attended the activities without any problems.


S. K.

| 15.04.2024 16:41 | (Park Of İstanbul, Poi)

The non-functional trampoline was returned immediately. We had the opportunity to buy tickets at the door in a much more affordable way, thank you.


Y. A.

| 15.04.2024 09:52 | (Park Of İstanbul, Poi)

I bought my tickets very easily and quickly, and I did not encounter any problems at the box office. It was a nice experience.


F. A.

| 13.04.2024 19:54 | (Park Of İstanbul, Poi)

Thank you, we had no problems. We gave the code at the box office and bought our tickets. Thank you


H. Y.

| 12.04.2024 18:01 | (Park Of İstanbul, Poi)

Fast and reliable shopping


H. K.

| 31.03.2024 12:27 | (Park Of İstanbul, Poi)

We bought it and went to visit it the same day. We had no problems with the site, it is reliable. It's very nice in the park.


M. V.

| 24.03.2024 10:54 | (Park Of İstanbul, Poi)

Definitely get your ticket and go!


V. Y.

| 24.03.2024 10:00 | (Park Of İstanbul, Poi)

There is a real price difference between Box Office and Fırsat Me. I bought it from Fırsat Me, in front of the counter, and got it at a discount. By the way, the place is beautiful, the zoo, zip line, horse riding etc. were a lot of fun. I am happy for my children


O. Ö.

| 20.03.2024 09:45 | (Park Of İstanbul, Poi)

It was a nice day, thank you opportunity.me


Y. K.

| 11.03.2024 11:14 | (Park Of İstanbul, Poi)

I bought the tickets at the gate of the zoo, which were 400 TL at the box office. I bought the ticket for 340 TL from the FITSAT website. I bought the children's ticket, which was 300 TL at the box office, for 255 TL. I had the codes confirmed at the box office without any problems.

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