Ö. A.

| 04.02.2024 11:54 | (Park Of İstanbul, Poi)

Thanks, the opportunity.Me is great


B. Ş.

| 23.01.2024 11:12 | (Park Of İstanbul, Poi)

I have been using Firsat.me for years, it is safe and fast, thank you.


A. Ş.

| 18.12.2023 11:02 | (Park Of İstanbul, Poi)

We entered with our discounted ticket without any problems. We touched the animals and took lots of photos. The employees inside are very attentive and friendly. we thank you


N. A.

| 04.12.2023 11:09 | (Park Of İstanbul, Poi)

I was very pleased. I bought my discounted zoo tickets. We entered easily by entering the code at the entrance.


Ö. Y.

| 27.11.2023 10:32 | (Park Of İstanbul, Poi)

Beautiful.. perfect for spending time on the weekend


C. B.

| 16.11.2023 14:25 | (Park Of İstanbul, Poi)

Park of Istanbul is a nice place where you can go and spend time with children.
It was possible to make quick transactions with the Opportunity code when purchasing a ticket,


T. K.

| 16.11.2023 12:20 | (Park Of İstanbul, Poi)

We were very pleased,
Extra thanks to Mr. Onur, he was very caring..


İ. B.

| 15.11.2023 11:29 | (Park Of İstanbul, Poi)

thank you, discount offers are great


A. A.

| 06.11.2023 09:44 | (Park Of İstanbul, Poi)

Thank you for your understanding of quality service.


A. C.

| 06.11.2023 00:10 | (Park Of İstanbul, Poi)

I hesitated at first. But when I showed the codes at login, I had no problems. It was much more affordable than the ticket price.

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