E. Y.

| 17.06.2024 09:37 | (ViaSea Tema Park)

We entered by scanning the QR code without waiting in line. We were very pleased. There should be a further discount on the price for children and students.


S. K.

| 23.05.2024 16:13 | (ViaSea Tema Park)

I liked it very much, I had a good time, thank you everyone


A. S.

| 13.05.2024 10:35 | (ViaSea Tema Park)

Thank you very much


S. Ö.

| 14.04.2024 19:06 | (Viaport Marina Tuzla)

We passed without any problems, the qr code was working, thank you for the opportunity.


D. T.

| 12.04.2024 20:02 | (Viaport Marina Tuzla)

We entered with a discount with the QR code without any problems. Thank you.


N. Y.

| 25.03.2024 10:13 | (Viaport Marina Tuzla)

Thank you, I am very satisfied


H. Y.

| 19.02.2024 11:48 | (Viaport Marina Tuzla)

We entered without waiting by scanning the QR code. Thank you very much.


U. Ö.

| 28.01.2024 15:49 | (Viaport Marina Tuzla)

We received problem-free service. These kinds of discounts during the mid-term break make us happy, too. Thanks.


G. K.

| 25.01.2024 22:49 | (Viaport Marina Tuzla)

We had no problems whatsoever with online transactions or logging in. We had a great time with our 3 children.


A. H.

| 25.01.2024 14:24 | (Viaport Marina Tuzla)

Everything worked smoothly as I thought. It's a nice system and I'm satisfied.

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